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Jablkon is a meeting of Georg Friedrich Händel with a caveman.

Jablkon musical group formed thirty years ago. During the Communist totalitarian regime they faced, like many other bands, prohibition, censorship and further difficulties. Nevertheless, they managed to gain a good reputation thanks to their original music.

After the Velvet Revolution and the fall of Communism, the band took advantage of open borders and started giving concerts abroad. At that time they also established cooperation with a violin virtuoso Jaroslav Sveceny and various symphonic orchestras (altogether five) in experimental projects called Jablkon & Sveceny and Symphonic Jablkon. Since 2000 the band has been giving concerts and recording music, besides that they have also recorded two film soundtracks, several TV and theatre productions and have regularly performed with a dance acrobatic troupe Galumpha (USA).

During the last ten years Jablkon has become much younger, which means that out of the former lineup there has remained only “the soul of the band“ Michal Nemec. Nowadays Jablkon is playing in this lineup: Michal Nemec (vocals, guitar – author of the majority of music and lyrics), Michal Carvan (guitars, chorus), Johnny Judl (bass-guitar, electrical guitar, bassoon, chorus), Petr Chlouba (drums, percussions, accordion, chorus). All of them graduated at a Conservatory or the Academy of Performing Arts. The main figure on the stage is a giant singer Michal Nemec, Martin Carvan is an elegant and brilliant guitar magician, Johnny Judl a robust, uncompromisingly playing bassist and Petr Chlouba is a multi-handed drummer who rumbles, jingles or strokes as needed. Undoubtedly, today

Jablkon is influenced by various contemporary musical streams, however its music remains unique and inimitably enticing. Jablkon has won two Andel Music Awards (Czech parallel to Grammy Awards) and has been nominated for this award eight times.

Some quotations from the foreign pres:

  • Skagen Avis: Phenomenal, breathtaking. It can be said that Jablkoň is crazy in an admirable way.
  • Süddeutche Zeitung: Jablkon played with enthusiasm and passion. Their temperament left the audience without breath.
  • L’Arena: There is a devil quartet on the stage that speaks about life and forces you to clap for two hours.
  • De Eekloonaar: It was a brilliant concert for heart and soul with a an abundance of satisfaction for eye and ear.
  • Trow: Four virtuosos from Jablkon gave the most brilliant pop-concert of the year in Rotterdam.
  • The Georgia Straight: Having seen Jablkoň, it will be very difficult to get used to so called normal music.


  • Devátá vlna (The Nith Wave 1988);
  • Jablkoň & Svěcený (1990);
  • Baba Aga (1992);
  • Machalaj (1995);
  • Symphonic Jablkoň (live 1995);
  • Písničky Songs (1997);
  • Bláznivá (Crazy 1999);
  • Mumlava (Jablkoň & Svěcený, 2000);
  • Cestující v noci (Traveller at Night 2002);
  • Symphonic Jablkoň XXV (2004); Hovada Boží / Animantes Dei (2004);
  • Oslava (Celebration CD, DVD, live 2006);
  • Best of (Songs 2007); Půlpes (Half Dog 2009).